Want to support the people in Ukraine?
Here's how you can help!

  Due to president Putin's and Russia's war against Ukraine, we raise money to support Ukraine and its people in the cruel war to which the people of Ukraine are exposed by Russia and president Putin.

All images are of course completely FREE to use. Feel free to spread the pictures to help the Ukrainians!

NOTE! Download the images to your own computer and please - do NOT hotlink the images! Thank you very much.

BTC: bc1p9xvnfgprngfp0q703dn0ustpwftx0jzjjv5m8ck34say8s84w8pq2havqv

BTC: bc1p9xvnfgprngfp0q703dn0ustpwftx0jzjjv5m8ck34say8s84w8pq2havqv

Thank you for your support!

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